We find ourselves in an national moment where we value loyalty over both competence and fact.  What can we really do about it?

Journalism is under attack in the United States. The use of the word “truth” is declining in our culture according to Google search monitoring.  Our YCCS West community of youth needs to master the skills of identifying problems in the world around them.  They must formulate important questions through exploration and introspection. Students need to be able to research, investigate, and write reports based in the facts of what they discover.

Chicagoraor.com is a grassroots student lead news platform, which allows for thoughtful inquiry, research, and exhibitions of all the learning taking place within our community on the far-west side of Chicago.  Read chicagoroar.com to stay connected and learn of our interests, desires, and accomplishments.

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RDJM – Chief Editor


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