My mother changed my life because if it wasn’t for her I would not be here. So I look up to my mother and father cause even though they stopped talking they still made it happens for their kids.  I’m thankful for that cause they stick together for us cause most people don’t grow up to see they mother or father smiling n I know how that feel it hurt feelings cause. I went  through it before with my grandmother and grandfather I didn’t get to see them smile when my father was telling me bout it it really put me in tears.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it it took me a mouth to finger it out like man my people really gone then when I seen my homie past away I felt real pain all my life in its still stuck in my head cause. he died in my hands in that change my whole life around made me not wanna never come outside or go to that house again cause when I do it bring back alot of memory’s then it make me wanna break down in cry but I hold my self up like life goes on so imma go threw things I was just hurt that Ian get to tell nun of my people goodbye before they left me and my family hurting. and I’m locked up and not at home to take care of my baby mama why she preganet I feel bed cause its because of my I’m in here and not at home with my family I just sit up and think about it everynight..

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