By: Jamar Griffin 

A new study confirms that being the oldest sibling makes you more responsible and grow up faster. Many teenagers that are the oldest siblings feels like they have to step up and help their mothers. Like for example they want jobs to help provide for there household. Also they have to be role models for the younger people. So they have a lot of expectation to stand up to. The change it brung to me was I had to mature up and show more responsibility.

Also I have to stay focus on the goals in life. This means is to graduate, stay out of trouble. Be respectful to everyone which which are being the the bigger person in the situation. It also brought me humility, for example, my mother wanted to buy me a coat and shoes but she had to pay her car note. So I told her just pay her car note I was okay.  Lastly, you have to put others before yourself. For example, my little sister as still hungry after eating so I gave her my food while my mother was out of town.

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