By: Matthew Nichols 

My daughter Mahlani Nichols was born on September 26, 2018 at Gary core children’s hospital and came out due to an natural birth. I waited a long 9 months to see her face, and she came out looking just like me. I was just amazed about it at the moment. Her mother was so happy when she came out. She was smiling and that made me even ore happy too. Knowing that I now have my own family was a real eye opener for me. 

During her pregnancy, I thought to myself like how am I going to change my life around for the better and provide for my family. Not for myself but for them too. I know that if I want things to go right I need to stop dong the things that I do. Things like not being able to control my anger, being outside all night/a lot, and letting my pride get the best of me in certain situations that I know I can overcome. I’ve been trying to settle down and not get into much trouble at all, but somehow I always get caught up. As of now, I have that mindset where I know that this troubled life that I’m living isn’t for me anymore, and I ned to look at the bigger picture of whats really important. 

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