by: D`riah Beard

The greatest move I made is that I removed all the negativity in my life which were old friends.  My problem was I cared a little too much for people then they did for me and for that I wasn’t focusing fully on myself and my happiness.  That comes before anything also all the fakeness that was going on I couldn’t surround myself with that type of energy.

I need friends that are drama free and out the mix most importantly have goals and morals for themselves.  If you don’t have that type of mindset I’m not going to waist my time on you and your negative energy .so I feel that if its negative energy around you till your in the mix of everything distance yourself  and start caring less. its okay to care but if you start caring less you will start focusing on yourself and your goals.

it will push you to strive better for yourself  and goals this is newsworthy because it gives you tips on the right path to follow in life. also people to separate there self from the negativity and help you get to something positive. and I feel like its a lot of people who really need to make a change like this but there problem is they  try to fit in and life is not all about that. so basically to sum this up just take a move into a positive peaceful lifestyle.