Affect Regulation & the Healthy Expression of Emotion how to connect

Encouraging the people to work is to expand and integrate a fuller range of people’s emotional spectrum, as working with them together describe or finding the right words to put feeling, including contradictory feelings, feelings that are troubling or threatening, and feeling that we may not be able to recognize. 

This technique is based upon the idea that blocked or restricted emotion can undermine our ability to feel healthy, whole, and balanced; limited emotional experience of ourselves also tends to generate depressive, anxious, or “manic” symptoms.

Themes & Patterns 

Connecting the dots is a key for the counselor talking about the past, present, and for the future. Many see a psychologist due to the fact to help connect patterns in their lives. Whether you are aware of the partners are not the psychologist can still connect the dots. A therapist is trained to help those that they work with experience the curative or healing effects of dynamic insight. 


Following any distressing or life-threatening event, psychological trauma can set in. Sufferers may develop emotional issues, such as extreme anxiety, sadness, survivor’s guilt, or PTSD. They may have ongoing problems with sleep or physical pain, trouble with their personal and professional relationships, and low self-esteem issues. Research on trauma outlines several healthy ways of coping, such as avoiding alcohol and drugs, seeing loved ones regularly, exercising, sleeping, and other methods of self-care. There are people who are able to overcome trauma, offering inspiration to others who have had life-altering negative experiences. 

How to connect

Social Media is the big thing today, and since we always use our phones. 

This has been made worldwide to stay connected to a clinical psychologist to set appointment actually talk to somebody. 

By: Luis Peralta 

Date: January 28, 2018 

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