Elizabeth Thomas on the left & Tad Cummings on the right.

By: Nallely Hernandez

 January 27,2018

A 52-year-old Tennesse Teacher Named Tad Cummins was on the run with a teenager for 15 weeks. After Tad was caught on January 16, 2019, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Other had encouraged the fact that he deserved a 30-year sentence due to transporting a minor across state lines for sexual intention. The victim seemed to had said that she knew cummings just wanted her for sex because of what she portraited as “lonely and traumatized” girl. After his sentencing, he apologized to the victims family and said if anyone were to do what he did to this poor young girl to any of his daughters he would feel the same way the parents feel about him.

These are cases that should be taken very serious especially when there’s a minor included. It seems very un-real if victims end up found and alive because some may not even be alive. If the victims have anything to use to either flee the scene and be safe I do assure that they should speak about what they faced. In this case, the minor seemed as if they weren’t being held against their will they were more into the kidnapping as if they had a love affair. In some of the places they were both caught together, they both seemed as if they were both good especially the victim who seemed as if they weren’t fine when the officers had interviewed her.

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