1. What Things Asia Would Stand For??
Commitment & Loyalty 

I believe that Yccs-West students needs someone who will keep their word no matter how hard things may get. A student leader that will stay committed to their position and all there responsibilities.


I believe that students here need a student leader who will not only represent them in the best way possible but someone who will set a good example for other students. Someone who will help other students to become greater in anyway possible.

Understanding Different StandPoints

I am the kind of person that listens to different points of views and can understand where that person is coming from i feel that  student at yccs-west need someone who will listen to there needs and take action when I listen to the misencounter  students have with each other and staff they worry a lot about getting there point across and/or that person not understanding what they are coming from. I believe that I can be the person to fit this problem.

2.What will Asia Bring to Yccs -West ??

Students have been talking a lot about food trucks, homecoming and spirit week I believe I can make these events move into action. I have connections with venders that can help us. I have every close connections with Djs, Event Planners and Food Truck Owners.

3.What makes Asia unique ?

I am unique because I would weather be wired then “normal” ,I like to think outside the box. I believe that there is always another way even when it may seem there is no way . I am unique because I like to do things and think in a certain way others may not even thought of .I feel that I am unique because I choose to do the unpopular or the uncommon.


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