By Jennifer Palafox

One night I was out with my girls and some of my family members. We were driving around and I was sitting in the back with brothers and some of my friends. Her guy was in front with my friend in the passenger seat my other girl and we were riding around drinking. You know we were having fun and music loud when the police pulled 2 cars behind us. We didn’t see them and then they shine their lights. We went on a high speed chase and when we were on high speed chase we laughing because we were all drunk and thinking it was fun. We were all on crazy type of stuff and then we passing red lights. We were trying to hit the expressway to take off and they were still 2 cars down. When we were trying to turn to take a left to hit the expressway, instead, we were going to fast that we couldn’t turn left all I hear is “GRAB JENN” because I didn’t have a seat belt on.

I was on my girl’s lap we went into a glass building and luckily it was glass. Next thing I know I am trying to jump out and you hear the police sirens behind. I jump out and fell on top off all the glass with everybody bleeding on the floor or by the building. Then I see the police get out saying, “GET ON THE FLOOR NOW !” So, I just stayed on the floor and then all my pain comes my leg was hurting so bad. I feel this hot burning thing on my arm I look at my arm and it was glass that had cut me. I look down at my knee and it was bleeding also.

I felt really sleepy and I just passed out and woke up in the hospital looking over to see my family standing there. I was in whole a lot of pain and until this day. Ill never forget that moment.

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