One gene has been identified that controls  the serotonin transporter protein. Two short form of the gene are associated with an increased likelihood of depression after stressful event. This affects our community because this can lead to PTSD of thinking your pass. 
The biomedical in the drain are imbalance chemical messengers that help the brain and other parts of the body communicate low levels of these role in why some people are more depressed. This affects us all asa whole because we all don’t know about balancing our body because thats life. 

Sometimes too much drugs use is bad for your body because it can affect a part of your body. For an example your bones. Its  the chemicals of the pill that sends messages to your brain on how the human will behave. It can lead to being abnormal. People in our community do not know about how much drugs can make people lazy and addicting. 
You are what you eat. Bad food can cause memory and critical thinking lose. Food captain bad chemical that can send bad messages to the brain to make a person react bad. This affects depression because a lot of people are concern of weight. 

By: Luis Peralta 


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