These are the Government workers and supporters who are protesting in Boston last week against the US government shutdown.  

By: Nallely Hernandez

January 17, 2019

 As many people know the government shutdown is due to that fact that  Donald Trump wants to build a wall in between Mexico and Texas. Donald Trump demands people in the US to build the $5.7 billion wall and while he’s demanding this many people in the US are being forced to work without any pay. Many people who have done a poll suggest that the wall is a  “waste of money.” 

 Donald Trump’s decision to build a wall is very biased because he’s only creating this wall for immigrants not to enter the US. There are many immigrants coming from all over the world to the US for better opportunities but he wants to create a wall between Mexico and Texas. Creating a wall is very ignorant due to fact that many trump supporters are very racial towards any ethnicity. Those are people who support Trump who harass innocent people just because their president claims that many immigrants are animals. Not only are people forced to work without being pay but if they actually do follow through with the wall the American economy is costing them 13% point in growth every week.

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