By Nallely Hernandez

January 17, 2019

 Robert Sylvester Kelly is also known on stage as R.Kelly is from the South side of Chicago. As many people know R. Kelly is famous for making “I believe I can fly” and other hit songs. Although he has made many tops hit songs, he’s also been accused of having intercourse with a child. R.Kelly has then been found not guilty over this situation from there many other reports came out such as him marrying then famous singer Aaliyah but sadly R.Kelly has never been charged for these allegations. 16 years later a documentary series came out where all the ladies who were with Kelly tell their stories and telling new information on famous singer R.Kelly.

 R. Kelly’s allegations are very important because of this it’s a reason many people speak up on sexual abuse or any kind of abuse. This shows that many people who are victims and stand up are more powerful for speaking on it. There’s several cases were victims are being beaten or even offered money to keep their mouth shut.  People shouldn’t be hushed just because they are afraid of the person whos harming them.

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