A new student entered our community this week.  Having taken audio and video with Mr Malebranche in the past, his skills in beat production are top notch.  Check out the genius of Smiley Beats.

1.How long does it take to make beats and raps?

  • It takes me around an hour to 2 hours to make beats alone.
  • I only take longer then 3 hours when it comes to making my own beats and producing myself

2. Would you keep going with beats and rapping in the future? Why?

  • Yeah, because its fun and I enjoy listening to beats from other music. Also because I hear the process in my own work.

3. How much would you charge for beats?

  • I would charge around 2,000+ each beat, and 5,000 if lyrics are included. But if I feel my time is being wasted I charge a fine of 500$

4. How do you feel when you create music?

  • I feel calm and good, I feel like I don’t have to worry about nothing within that time. it feels good because I usually work alone in peace.

5. what music have you created in the past?

  • Ive created raps, lyrics for others, and my own beats to my own raps. I’ve never worked no one else on a feature though.


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