After School Programs

Student Council is happy to announce that YCCS West  is now starting new After School Programs with our partner the Austin Peoples Action Center. These after school programs will be ahead at YCCS-West. There’ll be programs involving education, fitness, and more. For more information concact YCCS-West Main Office, Staff Or An Student Council Member.

Emotional Support

Staff Members,Mr.King,And Student Council knows that everyone has issues at some point in their life. We noticed that some of these issues have a big effect on our students and we want to help. Everyone might not have that someone they can go to talk about their problems and emotions. So Student Council wants to start a emotional support group or program to help students learn how to face and deal with these problems. 


There is possible chance if students at YCCS-West can increase attendance to at least a 80% student will have casual Fridays. Student Council members are working on opening the school store in 2 weeks. 

Picture Day

Student Council is also working on moving Picture Day to an earlier date. 

L.O.T.U.S Partnership

We are also planning on getting a collaborating with Westside Health Authority to start for empowering women then we will work on getting a male group together as while. L.O.T.U.S. stand for Learning our True Unique Selves. Young women growing inner beauty and strength. These group of people help young women ages 13-18 with day to day issues . Providing an understanding and guidence .They also have mentors and spekers who sit and talk and real connect with these younger women who seek or want help ad guidance for whatever they are going through and dealing with.   


By Asia Williams YCCS- West Student Counicl President.

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