1. Demographics:
    • Gender Female
    • Age 22
    • Marital Status Single
    •  Children? None
    •   Ethnicity African American
    •  Income group
    • Location Chicago
    • Purchasing history  Personal product preferences  Preferred mode of communication?  
    • Internet access?yes
    • Owns a computer? Yes
    •  Hobbies Telling people about articles for chicago roar
    •  Primary leisure activities
    •  Preferences (e.g. reading preferences, movie preferences, brand preferences, pets, etc.)
    •  Favourite sources of information (e.g. which web sites, magazines, chat rooms, etc.)
    •  Turn-ons, turn-offs
    •  Etc., based on what you need to know to reach the audience meaningfully Purchasing Habits:
    •  Level of control over purchase decision everything is owned by her ceo
    •  Typical product/solution purchase in your segment
    •   Has purchased similar product in past? yes she has purchased product from them
    •   Number of people involved in the purchase decision 3
    •   Things/experiences/preconceptions that may affect the audience’s opinion of the subject matter/product/service
    •   Previous purchase history with this type of product/service wonderful service perfect product
    •   What barriers/roadblocks may impede the audience’s adoption of the product/serviceoffering Influencers?
    • What people or groups of people influence the audience’s purchase decisions, and how?

Written By Camerah Thompkins

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