In the community of Yccs-West there has been an issue of fighting. There have been fights breaking out between girls during and after school, and we have realized that the reason for these fights are because of 3 reasons: Boys, Social media drama, and with people being in other people’s business.  We’ve noticed that the main reason of these fights between girls are because of them fighting over boys.

Why are boys being a problem that make girls fight one another? Well here is the story of both sides….

Girl’s perspective: I interviewed a couple of girls here at Yccs-West to ask them their perspective and to hear their reason on why they have fought another student for a boy. A lot goes through the mind of someone when they have a problem or discussion with another person, you may become angry, confused and hurt especially if you find out that your significant other has been unfaithful. When a girl fights over a boy, they do it because they feel like that have to fight for what is “theirs” or for what belongs to them. Sometimes this can be because they do not love themselves enough that they have to fight for someone who they think loves them. Us as girls have to remember that to be able to love someone else you have to first love yourself enough to realize that you don’t have to level yourself to others who don’t even love themselves. Of course, when you’re with a person that makes you reach stars, that makes you feel special and that makes you feel loved is an amazing feeling and you may feel like it’s worth fighting for them but what is the point of fighting for them if they can’t respect you the way you respect them. When we find out that our significant other has been unfaithful we become hurt, disappointed and confuse. We start to think if we were the ones that did something wrong, we may start to blame ourselves, thinking that your significant other did the action that they did because you aren’t doing something right but you have to keep in mind that if that person actually loved you and cared for your feelings, they would be honest and truthful of the type of actions they took. You should not fight for someone who isn’t giving you your place and who isn’t treating you the way you treat them. Being in a toxic relationship, dealing with dishonesty and abuse is not healthy at all. If that guy is not loving you, treating you right and not giving you the respect you need, than its better to let go because when you have something that is hurting you physically and mentally than its better to let it go than to keep on holding it.

Guy’s perspective: I interviewed Ignacio Mora, a student here at Yccs-West and I have asked him if he ever had a situation where he was between two girls fighting for him. He explained how he was with his girlfriend for a month when another girl started to flirt and talk to him. He went along with it, didn’t think anything much of the situation, the girl who we will remain unknown went up to his girlfriend and said that her and Ignacio hanged out during the time they broke up. Sadly, Ignacio lied to his girlfriend trying to prevent any further problems from happening but the discussion was in person and his girlfriend found out it wasn’t true and that he lied. His girlfriend and the unknown girl physically and verbally fought each other. Ignacio explained to me that he felt “big shitty”, “bad”, and “confused” after being caught by his girlfriend. A while time after she forgave him and they got back , but things we not the same between them . She felt that he was untrustworthy and that he was always lying. They still remain together to this day but have ups and downs here and there.

Moral of the story: If you are dating, talking, or just in general trying to get at someone, be honest and truthful of the actions you have in mind to take. Do not make someone feel special about themselves and later regret and do something that can hurt them mentally and make them feel like they aren’t worth anything. If you are with someone, value them, cherish them, RESPECT them and actually love them. If you later feel like it isn’t working out be honest and face them and tell them the truth. Don’t go behind their back and do something that you would not like if they did it to you. Just be honest, truthful and leave them, because eventually the truth always comes out.

Because in a relationship there is always two sides to a story. 

By: Domenica Vaque


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