On the surface, Brady and Mahomes began their career on a similar path as each of them were able to sit their rookie season and learn behind a veteran quarterback. That may be the only similarity however, as Mahomes — a former No. 10 overall pick — was being groomed to become the starter this season, while Brady — a former 199th overall pick — simply fell into the role after Drew Bledsoe went down due to injury and ran with it. While their time on the bench may have proved to be beneficial for both of them, Brady does note that is a lot that is different in Mahomes’ come up in the modern day NFL. 

After practice (and the extra practice), when talking with the media, Brady was asked if the extra work on the practice fields is a case of the quarterback trying to lead by example. Brady said the extra practice has more to do with something else.Many veteran players may groan at the mere idea of practice, let alone extra practice. But the Patriots’ quarterback said Tuesday that he was excited to finally get the right kind of weather to really get in a proper post-practice session.

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