Introduce Yourself
My name is Luis Peralta and am involved with YCCS-West programs. Really focusing in finding what is best for me and everyone else.

What office?
My best interest is Vice President because I want to make the school a better place. Be more closer to Mr. King and the rest of the staff.

Why Are you running for this office?
This is important to kids like me need who need motivation to wake up of what is in front of us. We really want to focus on the future and not the pass because things are changing quickly. We are the next generation of this country.

What makes you unique?
What makes me different from everybody else is my heart. We all go through things and thats okay, but really care for everybody else who needs help ti find key to open doors.

What are you willing to sacrifice?
My nights of being a bad person and being involved more with to wake up early is over. Life isn’t just about me and its about everybody else. Willing to work for all the students who really need the key.

Final thoughts
A Program like this is beautiful to have with great opportunities. A lot of schools do not offer a program like this. Its important to keep being closer to our families to actually see who we really are. This position is about me, this position is for everyone.

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