By Donavan Parks

My favorite projects when we first started building the website for ChicagoRoar. I thought the backside of a webpage was an interesting experience. I never really thought about how much actually goes into how a website is coded and managed. I found it to be more complicated than I Imagined. It actually impressed me, which isn’t easy.

The plugins were the most interesting thing about it. Plugins are little parts of software that change or add functionality for a program. They can add entirely new options to building a website. They are also vital to the process as they could make enhancements to pre-installed programs. Plugins can be an extremely useful to a website.

This has been my favorite project because it has shown something new that interests me. It gave me a new prospective on building websites. The project helped me understand just how much goes into a website and the inner workings. It was a fun project to work on in class.

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