by:A’shanti Madlock

One thing that changed my life was high school. High school really had a large impact on my life, because things were different . What I mean by ”different” was the rules. Rules were enforced.

Switching from class to class all day was different because grammar school was just one class one teacher teaching all subjects. Being in school from 8:20am-4:00pm was different. The school I attend was Rowe Clark Math & Science Noble School, where the class periods were 1 hour and 20 minutes long.

I didn’t stay at Rowe Clark because I couldn’t follow the rules. There was no colored hair allowed but I liked to wear blonde and red hair. When you came to school with out black or brown hair we had to sit in the class room called “the discipline room” for the whole day.

You couldn’t go to lunch. Either they would put you in a classroom with no windows and you would have to have lunch like that everyday until you changed your hair. So your grade would drop from you going to class, even though you were getting all your work done.

We couldn’t have our cell phones or belongings.  The would collect our phones in the morning and some phones would get cracked or stolen.

What do you wish was different about your school ? 

Published By:  Student Council President Asia Williams

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