By: Markeya Price

 Domestic violence is destructive for both the batter, and the battered. Its important that we develop effective methods for combating abusive behaviors. Victims experience diminished self worth, anxiety, depression,and general sense of helplessness. Domestic violence can be physical or psychological, and it can affect anyone of any sex, gender, race,or age.

Domestic violence is widely recognized as a serious human rights violation, that affects millions of women worldwide.In recent years, economists, human rights advocates, and governments have also become aware of the burden that imposes on victims. Based on evidence studies conducted around the world, researchers have concluded that domestic violence impedes economic growth and developme

This graph shows what age domestic violence is most common at due vulnerability 

Facts on domestic violence:

-10% of american women will be raped by intimate partners in their lifetime.

-Usually, men are responsible for killing one-third of female murder victims annually.

-Topics that Usually connect to a domestic violence relationship are anger, bullying, jealousy.

-More than 38 million american women have been victims of  domestic violence.

-Domestic violence can include insults, and threats, emotional abuse, and sexual coercion 

-Some perpetrators may use children, pets, or other family members as emotional leverage to get the victim to do what they want.

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