By: Markeya Price

Impact of physical health: Poor physical health can, lead to increased risk of developing mental health problems. Poor mental health can have a, negatively impact on physical health. People with the highest rates of distress are 32% more likely to develop physical health problems.

This graph shows the obesity weight of children in the united states

Association Facts: Some physical health problems are associated and caused by mental health illness.

-Depression alone can lead, to chronic fatigue, insomnia,and increased sensitivity to aches, and pains

-Schizophrenia can cause heart disease, as well as anxiety disorders.

-Eating Disorders can cause obesity, weakened immune system, and gastronomical problems.

Health Facts: Some ways to keep your physical health good are:

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Eat a healthy diet
  3. Maintain a normal sleep schedule
  4. Get support for motivation
  5. Exercise regularly 

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