Everyone Deserve a Second Chance

By: Javon Hill

Sophomore year of high school at Michele Clark, I found myself in alot of trouble and often would leave the school to be outside and be posted with my friends. Money made me feel like that was way more important than high school. Nobody led me on to whatever I was outside doing because I felt like it was just me against the world and all I ever wanted to do was get fly and get money. Suddenly, I eventually thought about dropping about because life was moving too fast and I felt like I didn’t need school at the pace I was working.

After all of the disappointment I put my mom through, she soon moved me to my grandmother house. I was drained and it was rarely anything to do at her home because all of my friends are in Chicago and I’m living with my strict grandmother in Indiana. Soon I fell to realize I’m messing up my future and there’s going to be no one my younger brother to look up to.

One day I got my act together and strived until I got my mother approval of moving back with her and ever since then, I didn’t want to disappoint my family. That led to me working hard at the current school I’m at now and I’m going to be the perfect role model for the younger generation of the family because everyone is looking at me and depending on me.


Publish By: Jakura Hall