Published Wednesday November 7th 2018

By: Jahred Raymond


Something that has changed me is that I was once addicted to marijuana. I know that people say that you can’t get addicted to marijuana but you can cause its still a drug either and has an effect on us. By researching how marijuana is not safe, from what I read, it states “Marijuana contains 60 chemicals called cannabinoids.  The best-know of these is THC, which also leads to the signs that someone has been smoking pot: the memory loss and random thoughts , as well as an unsteady walk.” That should tell you that a person shouldn’t be smoking it unless they are prescribed by a doctor. From another website that has informed me on how and why you shouldn’t smoke weed says I quote “People who smoke weed are more at risk of suffering lung damage. The respiratory system damage caused by smoking cannabis is actually equivalent to the damage associated with smoking as many as five cigarettes.”

It affected me in many ways. It effected my attendance in school and being held back in my grade. Instead of being in school and learning, I was ditching because I wanted to smoke weed instead and didn’t really care about going to school.  My mother was involved in this situation by being the one to make sure that I wasn’t smoking weed anymore and making sure I go to school.  Now to this day I don’t smoke weed anymore and make sure that I’m getting through high school so I can get my high school diploma. I’ve been doing things like getting a job and saving my money and working on getting a driver’s license so I can get a car.





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