Article by Kahlyiah Edwards

Chicago Roar 


There are serious consequences you can getting caught with weed including being sent to jail  for 4 years or longer, like I did. It’s just like meth but makes you feel higher and lighter but messes up your memories,depending on how much of the amount of weed you take to the brain.  I learned from the experience of weed changes your mindset. When it changes your mindset, it mixes the past and the present today it is laced with all sort of drugs that are even worse. Today it causes people to act differently and from my experience my father,  with multiple sclerosis, made his body even in worse condition, He could not move a thing on his body.

Many adults, teenagers and kids underage are attracted to using but at cost their own life of living.  Smoke pipes are battery powered devices but are not more hurtful. I remember when i hit the first blunt of weed it was “laced “, from that day on I won’t never hit a weed blunt never again.  WEED is going to be legal in the United States of America. When weed is in your system it stays in there over 24 hours. But recently we discovered it’s a cure for your eyes vision. “It has become increasingly popular for people to inhale marijuana or stronger marijuana extracts using a vaporizer (called “vaping” or “dabbing”)”. Some people mix it into food or brew it as a tea. But today is education life you cannot get a job  nowadays if you do drugs. My father passed away. I’m going to college, get a job at Mcdonalds, or make a rap going into the studio. Today, on December 4th 2018 until rest of my life, I will never ever do drugs again.




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