Have you ever seen any of the Chucky Movie? Have you ever wonder how this doll was made to move like a real person? Or How they made him so realistic?

Chucky is made with a combination of dolls, actors, puppets and a stunt double to look more realistic by many methods from designing the doll, shoes,overalls and more. The crew is enormous and each member played a part. This takes about a year itself to make each movie. “This is an army of man coming together in a unit to exactly bring this puppet to life,” says one of the female actress,they made a copy of the original good guy doll ,which was made more then 25 years ago.  This group of amazing people make everything from skin, animatronics, clothes, shoes and shoes laces, EVEN HIS TEETH have to be handmade a certain way.

Also, there are different dolls and a stunt double for different sense, and they change over the years. Each of these dolls is used for different things such as capturing every movement in the mouth, eyes, and eyebrows, for positioning him a certain way like turning around. They even have a puppet where one of the man has shoes attached to a puppet to make him walk a certain way. The stunt double is used for most or the killing parts of the movie or high end action parts like jumping. Chucky’s voice is recored a couple mouth before  shutting the exactly movie. Brad Dourif is the voice of chunky says that “his haltered and need to kills what I have to bring”. Other actors says that it takes about5 guys to surround Chucky in every sense to make it perfect.

What seems so magical about movies is how these creations and ideas are made into something so believable that you would believe these things actual happen. Also, how people are coming together for a long period of time working on the same thing everyday. That takes a lot of dedication. I’m so memorized because I wouldn’t even think it takes as much as it did to makes these movies. Never under estimate someones work. No matter what.


By Asia Williams

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