By Kenontae Fields 11-16-18

In 2017, on December 3 I was walking with my homies from the store. We were about to get high and then go play basketball. So we were on are way to my homies house when all of a sudden we heard shots. So we began to run I can taste my heart bussing out my back when bullets just going by my head hitting cars and richoching. I thought I was dead cause i can feel the wind going past me. So after shooters was done shooting we ran back to the scene when my homie was shot twice, in his neck and back. He was in critical condition and was sent to the hospital and ended up dying. I was heated like a pot boiling for 3 hours, because who ever shot at us I can smell the fear we put in them because everyone knew we didn’t use to carry guns on us. So ever since then we been in the streets for revenge and also needed to protect  ourselves, it was basically kill or be killed. So until this day I keep a gun on me for protection.

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