When I Got Shot

By Traiveon Shorts


One summer I was out posted with my gang.  And we were out getting high off of X when we went to get something to eat. The “oppz” came to our block. They screamed ‘’fuck y’all dead people.’’ They yelled from walking around the corner.  We responded immediately. We got to fighting. They saw we were winning so they out a gun.

And they got to shooting at the ground and we were running.  The bullets were bouncing off the ground and flying back at us.  My homie hit the ground so I stop to pick him up but he got to rolling.  Then I felt a bullet rip my foot open.  I got hit in the left foot but I was so high I JUST KEPT RUNNING!  As I was running, I was making a song in my head because my mind was somewhere else.  So I jump over him and started to running.  My other homie got hit too but he didn’t know he was hit until after he got back in the house. The police came to see what happened but I wan’t telling them anything. I don’t snitch.  They got mad. the police said, “We don’t give a F^$* that you got shot.”  So now I don’t go nowhere with out a gun because I won’t be getting shot “nomo.”

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